Active your Samsung S4 Smart Gestures

By Jury Gregorio → Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has cool gesture-activated features that let you perform key functions with the wave of hand. The Motion settings menu lets you control your mobile device's motion features. 

These are gestures that allow you to control actions on your device by moving or touching the device in a specific fashion like you can make a call by simply placing the phone next to your ear, lift up your phone to check missed calls and silence a ringer by placing the phone flat on its screen.

On this article i giving you some turotial on how to active the smart gestures on your Samsung S4. Just follow the screen shot.

  1. On the top Swipe it down  of the screen to open the Notifications drawer and you will find Setting icon tap it.
  2.  After you did the first step Tap the My Device tab at the top of the screen and scroll down to select the Motions And Gestures tab.
  3. Then Select the the Motion tab and switch the slider at the top of the screen from Off to On.
  4. Now the last thing that you have to do, Switch on the features you want to activate and press the Home button to exit.

 After you activated your Smart Gestures below are some tutorials on how to use the cool motion of your Samsung Galaxy S4.
Direct call: When viewing a contact or call details from the log of your phone, just place your phone to your ear to initiate a call to the contact or phone number.

Smart alert: When you pick up smartphone, you will be notified if you have any missed calls or messages from other users.

Tilt to zoom: To use the tilt zooming on your device simplify touch and hold two points on the screen when viewing a picture or a website, and tilt your device back and forth to zoom in or out.   

Pan to browse images: When you are currently viewing a picture while zoomed in, touch a point on the screen and move your device up, down, left, or right to pan around the image.   

Turn over to mute/pause: If you want to Mute or Pause your FM radio or media playback, by turning the device over will mute incoming calls, media playback, or the FM radio.

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